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LED Cockpit / Interior Light - Circular (White light 12v), Stainless Shroud

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Cockpit / Interior Light

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These flush mounting, weatherproof LED cabin lights have extremely low power consumption, (1/10th of a normal bulb), that extends battery life while providing a soft bright focused light. Their weatherproof features make them ideal for cockpit lighting on open boats, or as cabin lighting.

The LED's provide longer life than an ordinary incandescent globe, they don't get hot and the recess mounting provides an attractive finish.

Made from non corrosive materials. Snap-on shroud covers screw holes for a neat finish.

Lights are fully wired for use. Switch not included.

Contains 3 x LED's. 2.1 watts.

75mm wide x 20mm depth. Supplied with white snap-on shroud.

RWB1877 - White light 12v, Stainless Shroud

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