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There’s no more putting it off. You and your wife have worked your whole lives and are finally ready to live primarily on your sailboat. What had always seemed like a distant dream is finally becoming a reality. In all your dreaming, maybe you didn’t plan. So far, you have bought a second-hand boat. Your sailing friend endorsed the deal but informs you that you will need suitable sailing supplies for the Cairns adjacent waters you intend to stay near.

Your home is in Cairns, and you don’t want to go too far away. One of your adult children will be moving their family into your house and storing your car for use when you’re on land. Stores with sailing accessories in Cairns are always busy with tourists, but you’ve noticed you haven’t run into many locals. That’s because they go directly to the authority in sailing, boating, and water recreation, Bosun’s Locker.

Get the Best Sailing Supplies on the Cairns Market

Our massive selection ensures that we have everything you need to make this exciting transition run smoothly. Be prepared for emergencies, maximise space with organisational tools, and access quality sailing equipment both online and in our portside storefront at the Southport Yacht Club. Don’t know what you need or don’t see it online? We only put a portion of our stock on our website. Call us, and if we don’t have it, we will source it for you.

As the details of your voyage fall into place, the price tag may seem overwhelming. Don’t fear. Our competitive pricing, bulk discounts and six-month interest-free financing through zipPay (for qualified customers), make an affordable total out of your sailing equipment. Cairns is a tourist destination. In being such, pricing often runs high. Bosun’s Locker doesn’t get caught up in tourism pricing. We are committed to bringing you excellent products and customer service. Bosun’s Locker is not just retail. We know that embarking on this voyage is exciting, making it hard to think of all the logistics. Still, it’s important that you protect your asset before setting sail. We can arrange appraisers for valuations so that you will know the initial worth of your asset. Then, we’ll get you set up with insurance for your boat.

Be Prepared with Sailing Accessories for Cairns’ Vessel

When preparing for a lifestyle changing expedition such as this, it’s easy to focus on the big issues that come up such as making sure you have the correct licenses, that the boat hardware is in proper working order, and that you have a plan for food. Often, it’s easy to forget the small sailing supplies needed by Cairns sailors in their preparations. Do you have flares? A map? Sail patches? These items are just as important as the more obvious sailing equipment is for Cairns captains. You certainly wouldn’t want to be out on the water on a dark night and then realise you didn’t have something essential. Bosun’s Locker carries a comprehensive stock of all your boating needs. After you cover the necessities, why not add a little hometown flare to your vessel with sailing accessories containing Cairns icons.

You’ve put a lot of love and care into your boat, inside and out. You should protect those investments always, especially when you’re out on the waters surrounding the pristine Gold Coast. One of the most important pieces of equipment for boaters in Gold Coast is the deck hatch. Boat hatches in Gold Coast prevent your boat from taking on water in unwelcome areas during a voyage, by keeping all areas below decks watertight. Shopping for quality boat deck hatches in Gold Coast can be a valuable investment in the safety of your ship and your enjoyment of future cruises.

If boat hatches for sale in Gold Coast are what you’re looking for, you’ll want to visit a quality boating store to find them. Plenty of places throughout the Gold Coast area carry boating equipment of some kind, but when you’re searching for top of the line parts, you’ll want to narrow your focus to the shops with reputations for state of the art parts and supplies. Trusting an established shop with a base of reputable clients is the best way to make sure the boat deck hatches you find will perform admirably under serious use, giving you the confidence you need to sail your vessel anywhere off the shores of Gold Coast.

Bosun’s Locker carries a wide range of boat hatches for sale from some of the finest manufacturers in the world, and offers them to clients at extremely reasonable prices. For over 40 years, our store in the Southport Yacht Club has made it our mission to put some of the greatest boating accessories ever made into the hands of Gold Coast sailors, and we uphold this priority in both our inventory and our store policies to provide you with an unbeatable nautical shopping experience.

What Distinguishes the Best Boat Deck Hatches in Gold Coast?

High quality boat hatches balance durability, reliability and affordability all at once. They’re easy to manoeuvre into place, leak-free, and long lasting without being terribly expensive. Finding such a hatch for sale in Gold Coast can be a tall order, but we can help. Our supply of boat deck hatches and covers includes products from Vetus and Oceansouth, some of the best brands known to Australian sailors. Furthermore, we offer interest-free payments on all hardware for qualifying customers, making it easy to choose us for your boating needs.

Choose Bosun’s Locker

We’re always here to help you find a new boat hatch or other product for your vessel, so don’t hesitate. Visit us or find your next upgrade online and give your craft everything it needs to rule the sea. With friendly and helpful staff, competitive pricing on all products, and the ability to source many hard to find items, we have your next ocean excursion covered. We even provide maintenance and service for boats, so that you can rely on our help to keep you ship shape as well as trust us for a terrific hatch. Contact us today.

Have you ever thought of installing a porthole or hatch on your boat’s bow, deck or hull? A porthole, hatch or portlight can deliver numerous advantages—both regarding comfort and safety. But where can you go to find boat hatches in Australia?

At Bosun’s Locker, we stock everything you need to install boat deck hatches or portholes in your vessel’s bow. We stock hatches in an array of different shapes, sizes and designs. Whether you are hoping to install an escape hatch or just want a porthole for viewing or ventilation, we have the equipment necessary to achieve your vision. Click here to browse our boat hatches online.

Why Adding a Hatch to Your Boat Might Be a Worthwhile Investment

Some boat owners might cringe a bit at the thought of installing boat hatches on their vessels—if only because of the necessary installation process. No boating enthusiast is excited about the prospect of someone cutting a circular hole in the hull of their sailboat, or a square escape hatch in the bow of their power boat. Ultimately, adding a porthole or hatch to your boat can add a lot to the aesthetic, comfort and safety.

Let’s start with aesthetics and comfort. If you spend a lot of time in the cabin of your boat, it can start to feel a bit claustrophobic after a while. Between the artificial light and the close quarters, long boat trips can make even the most ardent boating lovers among us yearn for the outside world. Adding a porthole or ventilation hatch to your boat can make long periods spent in the cabin more manageable. A porthole brings natural light into the cabin, allowing you the chance to give your eyes a break from artificial lighting (and to give your boat’s power generator a rest). A ventilation hatch, meanwhile, lets fresh air and refreshing breezes inside, which can help to air out a stuffy cabin.

Another great benefit behind boat deck hatches is the safety aspect they provide. Most cabins only have one exit, which can sometimes be narrow. In emergency situations, this tight throughway might not be big enough to get everyone out of the cabin and off the boat on time. Worse, if the door to the cabin ends up locked, jammed or blocked, it can leave passengers trapped in the boat. An escape hatch provides another way out of the cabin, which can restore peace of mind to the boating experience.

Buy Boat Hatches Online from Bosun’s Locker

If you have been shopping for boat hatches in Australia, look no further than Bosun’s Locker. Whether it’s an escape hatch, a ventilation hatch or a viewing window you want, we have what you need to add a hatch (or several boat hatches) to your favourite vessel. If you have any questions about the boat hatches we sell online, feel free to give us a call on (07) 55 911 911.

Brisbane is an incredible city, but it’s also a wonderful place to experience the thrill of the outdoors. Hitting the harbour and travelling out into the ocean is a popular pastime for many Brisbane boat owners, and if you count yourself among them, you’ll be looking forward to taking your craft out on the water at your next opportunity. Before you cast off though, you may want to take a careful look through your inventory to make sure that you have absolutely everything you need. Heading out to explore the ocean is always safer and more enjoyable when you’re well prepared for the experience.

To outfit yourself with everything you’ll need, look for boat supplies in the Brisbane area. These will include boat accessories like apparel and sailing gloves, as well as equipment like ropes, anchors, shackles and winches. If you haven’t been boating for some time, you may find that you need to find a fair amount of boat equipment near Brisbane before you’re ready. Fortunately, there are shops that can help you by offering high quality accessories and supplies to meet all your boating needs. One shop carries a particularly wide range of top quality products: Bosun’s Locker, an established supply shop operating out of the Southport Yacht Club for more than 40 years.

At Bosun’s Locker, we source some of the finest pieces of boat equipment ever made for our customers. We offer everything from engine and steering equipment to safety supplies and appropriate clothing so that clients can consider us a one-stop boat accessories store near Brisbane. Navigation charts, rigging tackles, cam cleats and more abound—the list is practically endless. The best way to find out whether we have the supplies you need is simply to come and visit, or browse through our extensive inventory online.

A Boat Supplies Store for Brisbane Committed to Your Satisfaction

Don’t see something specific that you’re seeking? Trying to track down a specific brand or model? No problem. Just ask our friendly staff, and we’ll be more than happy to try sourcing the item you need for your boat. We’re also more than happy to make a recommendation for you based on the needs of your vessel. Just contact us with a description of your issue, and we’ll help you find a part that does the job, or bring your boat right to us and let us take a closer look! We also provide timely service on various vessels with detail and professionalism.

Your Shop for Eye-catching Accessories

We love boating technology, but we also love boating culture. That’s why we stock our shop with sailing apparel by Helly Hansen, Marine Pool, Musto, Gill and more. We even have boating books and cruising guides available for those of you who would rather read in a deck chair than strut your stuff on the bridge. Whatever your boating needs, you can trust the pros at Bosun’s Locker to help. Contact us now for more information.

So, you bought a boat. Fulfilling a childhood dream, you admittedly don’t know much about sailing, but what you do know is you love the water, and you live right next to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Exploring the Great Barrier Reef with your own equipment is better than dealing with the restrictions of renting and tourist crowds.

You long to go out on the water early in the morning before rental agencies open, and stay out past when they close. You’re excited to enjoy a sunset without watching the clock. Your new toy is going to require boat equipment. Your Cairns neighbours recommend Bosun’s Locker located in South Queensland on the Gold Coast. Many of them have invested in their own boats already. You have enjoyed invitations to sail with them, and their boats are always in excellent working condition with an impeccable individual flare that matches the owner. They attribute this to their supplier.

Bosun’s Locker: Leading Retailer of All Things Nautical

Operating for 40 years, we are the authority on boat equipment for Cairns and all the Gold Coast. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you in finding the right boat supplies for your Cairns-bound vessel. We will offer suggestions and pertinent info for proper upkeep of your boat. We will also take into consideration how you plan to use your boat, the terrain of the waters you expect to explore, and any regulations specific to your location and intentions.

You’ll want to protect your new investment. We offer valuations so that you know exactly what she’s worth and we’ll help secure insurance to protect that asset. With zipPay, Bosun’s Locker offers six months interest-free financing for qualified customers on equipment for boats and supplies. Cairns captains needn’t be deterred by the lengthy sail south; we’ll happily ship anything you need, nationwide.

Boat Accessories Containing Cairns, Animals, Nautical Symbols and More

We’ll get you ready for any expedition. Perhaps you want to sail around the country, go diving and explore the reef, or catch your fish direct from the source. Each of these trips requires special accessories. Our wide selection of boat supplies allows Cairns sailors to experience the beautiful seas with the highest quality products. Don’t sift through biased online reviews that yield little information; we’ll tell you the truth about brands, product lines, and tool types.

Sail on down to our port-side storefront, and we will help you choose boat accessories with Cairns icons and other themes to fit your style. We have more than boat parts and decorations; we provide comprehensive tools, materials and supplies for the care, upkeep, and education about your boat. Our competitive pricing and shopping-made-easy approach make buying boat accessories for Cairns vessels a natural choice. Buy in bulk and save. Not seeing what you need in our online store? We post only a fraction of what we stock. Call us, and we’ll find it for you. Don’t forget to ask us about free shipping!

We are known for our beaches here on the Gold Coast. The crystal-clear water and powder-fine sand has been filmed, photographed and distributed the world over. We get the privilege of calling this paradise our back yard. It’s no wonder so many of us have invested in our own boats! No matter what your water recreation, there is a beach along our coast suitable to your needs. If you need boat equipment in the Gold Coast, you already know the place to go is Bosun’s Locker. We are celebrating 40 years of providing excellent products and services from our port-side storefront at the Southport Yacht Club.

We Know Boats

Forty years is no drop in the bucket. The only way a company lasts this long is by becoming an authority in their field. That’s just what we have done. We don’t just sell boating supplies to the Gold Coast; we understand how they work and know what you need. We’ve made sure that the selection of boating accessories in our Gold Coast store include safety features like life vests, maps and flares. These items are easily forgotten or fall out of repair only to be discovered as you plan for an exciting family journey. Call ahead, and we’ll have your emergency supplies ready for quick pick up.

Talk with our friendly staff who will happily compare brand and differences between boat equipment for Gold Coast aquatic vehicles. If you’re not seeing what you’re looking for in our online store, call us. We only post a portion of our inventory online. Then, if we do not have what you need, we will happily source it for you. We’ll tell you where your item is and how you can get it. We can get items shipped to our store for your pickup, or arrange to send them directly to you. Safety and satisfaction is our number one concern. We are not intimidated by competitors because we know we offer exceptional care and knowledge expertise that is hard to come by anywhere else.

Quality and Flare with Boat Accessories in the Gold Coast

With so many boats on the water, you’ll want yours to stand out. Try adding personal flare in the way of boat accessories to indicate your Gold Coast connection. Bosun’s Locker has a vast stock of accessories and boat supplies for Gold Coast vessels. We also stock apparel and recreational parts, supplies, and accessories. Our products make the perfect gift for the nautical lover in your life. Find the highest quality brands and leading product lines of boating equipment known to the Gold Coast. Our competitive pricing and bulk discounts keep your passion affordable. Shop all at once and receive free shipping on orders over $150. When it’s time for a large purchase, apply for our six-month interest-free financing option through zipPay. Get what you need now, pay for it later. Docked somewhere on vacation and need a part? We’ll ship express anywhere nationwide.

The life of a boat owner is a thrilling one. You own a vessel that allows you to traverse across water exploring lands near and far. You are no longer bound by land travel and can conquer nature on the sea. After a long week at work, you can sail away on your own and take in the salty sea air and feel your stress melt away. Or you can take along a crew of family and friends and make memories together lasting a lifetime.

For effective sea travel, you will need some supplies on your boat. Simply searching the Internet for boat equipment in Tweeds Heads will return a bevy of websites each with a seemingly never-ending list of items you absolutely cannot live without.

Sorting through the list of recommended objects can be time consuming and overwhelming. It is hard to know what you need and what items are just a marketing ploy to get you to spend money. At Bosun’s Locker, we pride ourselves on empowering boating enthusiasts with boat supplies recommendations based on your needs, not our pockets. We have rounded up the top electrical boat supplies you should take with you when boating around Tweeds Heads.

Boat Supplies for Travelling in the Tweeds Heads Area

One of the most important pieces of boat equipment you can buy is proper lighting. Sailing at night can be a marvellous experience, watching the stars come out and enjoying the calm that covers the water as most people are tucked away in bed. Lights are important for visibility and help you walk around your boat without stumbling into something. The size of your boat will affect what you buy, but you can choose from interior lighting, LED lighting, submersible lighting, safety lights, stern lighting, bi-colour navigation lights, and more.

Another important part of boat accessories is communication equipment. You want to be able to communicate with other sailors on your vessel and be able to contact others on the water. Radio communication equipment is a wise investment, as sometimes the signals on your phones get lost or your phone battery dies.

A third great type of boat accessories is chart plotters. These help you navigate successfully across the seas. The technology varies, but you can usually find entry level ones for new sailors to use with ease. Most of them can be used at night or during the day.

Find a Great Boat Accessories Selection in Tweed Heads with Bosun’s Locker

At Bosun’s Locker, boating is our passion. We stock a wide selection of accessories, which you can come browse at our shop. Come and get a feel for the equipment and ask our friendly staff any questions you have. Our selection of products is vast, making it easy for you to find the best option for your unique situation.

We are happy to ship all around Australia. If you order, you will get your product within 24 hours. For large orders, we offer free shipping on orders exceeding $150. We also have zipPay “Buy Now Pay Later” option, which gives you six months interest-free.

Do you need a new set of boat supplies before you head out on the water? Whether you are planning for a quick cruise, an extended boating voyage or a fishing trip with friends, it’s always important to make sure to equip your boat with all the necessary supplies. At Bosun’s Locker, we have a huge selection of boat supplies available in stock. From electrical supplies to navigation products to safety equipment and beyond, we have everything to help you plan for a safe and fun boating adventure.

Finding the Right Boat Supplies

With a physical location at the Southport Yacht Club, Bosun’s Locker has been operating now for more than 40 years. Today, we still operate from the Club, but we also sell boat supplies online. To meet the demands of a larger market, we have made a point of building up our stock of boat supplies.

As such, if you are shopping for boat supplies in Australia, you can always expect to find a huge variety at Bosun’s Locker. Are you looking for electrical supplies? We have an array of LED globes, navigation lights, switches, panels, battery charging solutions, wind generators, solar panels, electrical cables and connectors, chain counters and more. Modern flourishes such as these can make your boat safer, more comfortable, and more passenger-friendly, and we have all of them at Bosun’s Locker.

If your primary concern is navigation, Bosun’s Locker is the right place to shop for navigation supplies as well. For more traditional navigation, we have all the charts you could need—with extensive coverage of the East Coast of Australia. If you prefer the convenience of modern technology, you can browse our boat supplies online to find GPS units from top brands like Garmin, Furuno and Raymarine.

You can find virtually any other boat supplies you could think of at Bosun’s Locker. Stay on top of the weather with wind indicators. Make your boat ready for a summer cruise with a set of stereo speakers for your music. Prepare for potential emergency situations with a high-quality waterproof radio. Whether you are a sailing enthusiast or a power boat convert, you can find everything you need for boating season at Bosun’s Locker.

Get Boat Supplies Anywhere in Australia within 24 Hours

At Bosun’s Locker, we understand that sometimes you need boat supplies ASAP. Perhaps you are setting out for a long boat trip in a couple of days, and your radio is dead. Alternatively, maybe you need another life jacket or two so that you can take a group of family members or friends for a boat ride.

No matter what supplies or equipment you need, Bosun’s Locker can get it to you within 24 hours. If you are shopping for boat supplies online, just place an order, and we will take care of the rest. We ship boat supplies all throughout Australia and can usually get orders out quickly so they reach you in a day or two. You will even get free shipping for orders over $150, so you won’t have to pay extra for speed or convenience.

Do you have any questions about Bosun’s Locker and our online stock of boat supplies? Give us a call on (07) 55 911 911.

The sailing life is one full of thrills and excitement. Nothing can replace the feeling when you successfully make your first voyage, after all those sailing lessons and hours studying the names of the equipment pays off. Serving as the captain of your ship is an empowering feeling, allowing you to journey wherever you like on the vast ocean.

Buying a sailboat is one thing. Fully stocking the sailboat with the important odds and ends of sailing equipment to maintain the ability to sail is another. A sailboat requires a certain amount of maintenance and sailing supplies to keep the ship running in good shape. When furnishing your sailboat, you should not need to go to multiple stores to purchase all you need. It is exhausting and time-consuming searching through multiple locations to find what you need! Instead, you should enjoy the luxury of a one stop shop. At Bosun’s Locker, you can find all the sailing accessories in Brisbane you need in one visit.

Sailing Supplies in One Stop for Brisbane Sailors

One key element of sailing equipment is the pieces used to support the sails. You need battens, for example, to support the roach of the sail. Finding the right batten takes time, but our site makes it simple. You can search by brand or arrange results by price to find the perfect fit within your price range. Battens are just one of the many pieces of rigging equipment you can order, from shackles to winches to furlers.

Our range of mast supplies includes a variety of harnesses and chairs, spinnakers, and goosenecks for you to enjoy. Our rope hardware includes a selection of rope stops, rope jammes, rope clutches, and ropes. Our steering selection offers you tiller extensions and accessories, steering wheels, and rudder locks.

Our selection of sailing equipment in Brisbane is sure to offer what you need. You can visit our physical store to check out the products in person if you like. You can also get help from our friendly and knowledgeable staff to get guidance on the best product for your unique needs.

Get Convenience Ordering Sailing Supplies in Brisbane

When you need new sailing supplies, you usually need them as soon as possible. After all, you are buying a replacement part because the current one broke or a new piece of equipment because you realised the need. It can be frustrating waiting for days for the new part to arrive. The days you spend waiting are days that you cannot be out on the water enjoying your time sailing.

When you order through us, you can rest assured that you will receive your order within 24 hours. We know that you want your part as soon as possible and we do our best to get it to you as quickly as humanly possible. If you are placing a large order ($150 or more), you can enjoy free shipping too. We ship anywhere in Australia, so no matter how far you are from our store you can still get the part you need.

Gold Coast is full of activities that residents and visitors enjoy daily, such as water-sliding, animal watching and hiking. The beauty of the great outdoors is a prime reason for Gold Coast’s appeal during periods of warm weather, and the many avid water sports enthusiasts who frequent the region are just as keen to enjoy it as the area’s other visitors. If you’re one of the many people who enjoys sailing in Gold Coast when the conditions are prime for it, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for the experience, meaning finding a place where you can purchase the proper sailing accessories in the Gold Coast area.

Buying sailing accessories in Gold Coast is easy since the region is famous for the quality of its water. The trick is to purchase quality sailing supplies in Gold Coast so that you can make the absolute best out of your adventures on the open water. Finding a shop that carries the best accessories and equipment on the market can take a little legwork, but the results are well worth the effort. Whether you’re looking for lighting and safety equipment, plumbing supplies, or accessories or apparel for your next trip, a good boating store should carry everything you need to put you at ease and in comfort on your next trip.

One such shop is Bosun’s Locker, located at the Southport Yacht Club for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves on our impeccable product knowledge and careful attention to detail, which allows us to match each customer with products well suited for their sailing needs as well as giving us the ability to offer top quality service. With interest-free payments on all hardware items to approved customers, we represent an excellent way to find the supplies you’ll need during your next offshore excursion.

Top Quality Sailing Equipment for Gold Coast Customers

Boat safety, marine maintenance, cleaning products and more—at Bosun’s Locker, we endeavour to carry it all. Furthermore, we are staunchly committed to providing top quality items in each of these categories to our valued and respected customers. Over the course of our long history, we’ve dealt with all kinds of people in the boating industry, and our stock of products reflects our ability to satisfy customers with a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for antifouls and epoxy resins or fenders and boat hooks, you’ll find some of the best on the market when you shop at our establishment. We’ll also be happy to provide you with recommendations for your watercraft once you’ve told us a bit about your vessel and your sailing needs.

Friendly Service, Cutting Edge Products

With an excellent variety of top quality merchandise and Australia-wide shipping, it’s easy to purchase the sailing gear you need whether you’re in Gold Coast for the weekend or on the other side of the nation. Contact us now to learn more about our competitive pricing, bulk discounts, store policies and more.

When you buy a sailboat, you are buying more than a boat. You are buying a way of life! Many sailboat owners spend a significant amount of time on their boat. Why wouldn’t you? You can enjoy the peace and relaxation of a vacation, without needing to buy a plane ticket or get time off from work. You can enjoy travelling to new places and navigating the area near your home. A lovely weekend of good weather is best taken advantage of by spending the time on the water. You can make charming memories sailing with your family and friends.

Of course, to maintain your Tweed Heads vessel, you need sailing equipment. There is a large amount of sailing equipment needed to make the ship sail, from rigging equipment like clam cleats to mast supplies like safety harnesses. In addition to the necessities, there is a wide range of optional sailing supplies in Tweed Heads that can make your time on the water even more enjoyable.

While these products are not strictly essential, they can make a world of difference on your time on the ocean (which is why so many people buy them!) You can sort through the big selection of items and see which ones can make your sailing experiences even better.

Sailing Accessories for Enjoyable Outings in Tweed Heads

Your first type of fun sailing supplies to consider is your clothing. Sure, you can throw on an old sweatshirt. The problem with this is you will likely get cold and wet… and stay cold and wet. Instead, you can buy clothing specifically designed for travelling by sea. You can enjoy the comfort of a dry suit or an ocean jacket, built to keep you warm and dry your entire time on the sea. Your feet tend to get wet quickly on a sailboat, so stock up on socks and thermals to keep your toes toasty warm.

For the hot summer’s days, you will want hats and glasses. These can give your eyes much-needed relief from the glaring sun, and the hats help protect your skin from the sun.

In addition to clothing, you also want food accessories. You are bound to get hungry on your voyage. Stocking up on a refrigerator, store, oven, and BBQ allow you to be able to make all kinds of meals. These are especially important if you plan on entertaining family or friends on your boat.

Find All the Sailing Accessories You Need with Bosun’s Locker

When searching for sailing equipment in Tweeds Head, you need a supplier with two things. You need a store with a wide enough selection to offer you choices. You want to be able to pick the products that best meet your budget and personal taste. Second, you want a supplier with the knowledge to help you find the best product for your given need.

When you look for sailing supplies through Bosun’s Locker, you get the benefit of talking to people who know the sailing world. We are happy to answer any questions you have and guide you to the best option of products. Our store offers a wide selection of choices for you to find just what you want.

Whether you are replacing some of the sailing equipment on your sailboat or outfitting a new vessel with the equipment it needs for its maiden voyage, the process will likely be somewhat expensive. Buying new winches, shackles, cam cleats and other rigging tackle can add up quickly—especially if you are buying the kind of high-quality sailing equipment that your boat deserves.

If you don’t feel you have the money to pay for the sailing equipment you need out of pocket, don’t worry. At Bosun’s Locker, we don’t want sailing enthusiasts to put off buying new equipment just because of money. Sailing with broken or worn-down equipment can be a hassle at best and a safety hazard at worst. For that reason, we work with our customers to help them finance pricier purchases and pay them off over time.

How Our zipMoney Process Works

One of the factors that set Bosun’s Locker apart from other businesses that sell sailing equipment in Australia is the availability of zipMoney. An interest-free loan platform supported at thousands of stores throughout Australia, zipMoney enables Bosun’s Locker to offer interest-free loans to approved customers. If you are purchasing an expensive piece of hardware and cannot handle the payment in one upfront lump sum, you can apply for a zipMoney loan.

With zipMoney, you get the chance to buy now and pay later. If you are shopping for sailing equipment online and don’t have the cash on hand to pay for your order, just apply for zipMoney. You will find out within minutes whether you have been approved. If you do get approved for a zipMoney loan, you could get up to three months of interest-free payments. You also get a flexible payment plan, so you can pay off your order with monthly payments that you can afford.

Perhaps you are expecting a windfall of cash in the next month or two, but need a new piece of sailing equipment right now. Maybe you just want to spread out a pricey equipment investment over the course of a few months. No matter your reasoning, if you are shopping for sailing equipment in Australia and need a little bit of help with the financial side of things, applying for a zipMoney loan at Bosun’s Locker is the perfect place to start.

Find the Financing and Sailing Equipment You Need Online

Whether you are searching for blocks, cam cleats, clutches, jammers, travellers, batten systems, furlers or any other rigging tackle, you can find the sailing equipment you need online at Bosun’s Locker. We have the best sailing hardware on the market—from top brands like Ronstan, Harken and Lewmar—and the financing to help you pay for it. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify for zipMoney, click here to apply. You should get a decision back in a matter of minutes to making planning your purchase that much easier. Call (07) 55 911 911 if you have any questions.

Boat equipment/safety: At Bosun’s Locker we carry a massive range of boating and safety gear including EPIRBS, flares and all types of adult and infant lifejackets (PFDs). Marine maintenance supplies from antifouls, epoxy resins, Fixtech and Sika sealing products, polishes and waxes, Swobbit and Shurhold cleaning brushes and poles and teak cleaners. We also have a broad range of pumps and other plumbing supplies, anchoring and docking products like fenders, rope, chain and boat hooks. We embrace all deck and cabin hardware products as well as all engine and steering supplies.

Whether you are planning a party on your yacht with friends and acquaintances or plotting a seafaring voyage on your luxury vessel, Bosun’s Locker can help you prepare. We have been in the business of selling boating supplies for more than four decades. If you need help finding yacht accessories—from rigging to electronics to safety supplies—we are the store to provide them.

Shop Online or In-Person

One of the things that make Bosun’s Locker a great place to buy yacht accessories and other boating supplies is convenience. If you want to shop online, you can find all our yacht accessories online. Does your boat lack safety supplies? You can find everything you need on our website—from life jackets and lifebuoys to gas detectors, light flares and reflective gear. Do you need to make sure your boat is well-lit? You can find a broad array of lighting and electrical supplies on our site, too. We provide quick deliveries nationwide and offer free shipping on all orders exceeding $150.

We also know that many boaters still like to shop for supplies in person, which is part of the reason that we have maintained our physical location through all these years. We are at the Southport Yacht Club in Main Branch, QLD. Not only is the location ideal for members of the Southport Yacht Club, but it also makes us accessible to passing boaters. If you are boating near Main Branch and need new yacht accessories for your boat, just call ahead and let us know what you need. We will get your order ready so that you can dock nearby, pick up what you need and be on your way.

From Safety to Maintenance, Bosun’s Locker Has the Yacht Accessories You Need in Australia

In addition to yacht accessories like lighting, safety gear, rigging and tackle, radios and speakers, Bosun’s Locker is also the place to shop for maintenance supplies. Before a yacht party or right after your boat comes out of storage, you might feel the need to wash down the vessel, polish it and deal with any scratches, dings or other imperfects.

At Bosun’s Locker, we carry a massive range of maintenance supplies to make your job easy—including antifouls, epoxy resins, sealing products from leading brands like Fixtech and Sika, Polishes, waxes, teak cleaners, cleaning brushes (from the likes of Swobbit and Shurhold) and more. A visit to our Main Branch physical location on the way back from your yacht storage spot will give you all the supplies you need to make your boat look as good as new.

At the end of the day, a yacht is a sizable investment. You might as well get the most out of it, and with yacht accessories and supplies from Australia’s Bosun’s Locker, you can do just that. Start shopping our yacht accessories online or stop by to visit us in Main Branch. If you are boating nearby and need to make a call-ahead order, just dial (07) 55 911 911 to get one of our sales representatives on the phone.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for the sailor in your life—or if you love sailing and are looking for the ideal gift to buy yourself—you can’t go wrong with 100 Magic Miles. This book is considered to be the ‘bible’ of Australia’s glorious, gorgeous Whitsunday islands. Every Australian sailing enthusiast should own a copy, and at Bosun’s Locker, we have yours.

The 100 Magic Miles Book: Why It’s a Must-Read for Australian Sailors

Written by David Colfelt and first published in 1985, the 100 Magic Miles book has been enchanting sailors for more than three decades. Technically titled 100 Magic Miles of the Great Barrier Reef: The Whitsunday Islands, the book serves as a comprehensive compendium of everything boaters should know before they sail this astonishing part of the world.

All Australian sailors should sail the Whitsunday Islands at least once in their lives, if not annually. Located in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef just off Queensland’s coast, the 74 Whitsunday Islands are among the most beautiful spots that Australia has to offer. Most of the islands are completely uninhabited, perfect for going ashore and enjoying a day of relaxed beach lounging. Four of the islands house resort hotels, food and wine, wedding venues and more. Whether you are looking to plan a true getaway vacation or just want to behold the beauties of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays are a good place to start.

If you are thinking about a trip to the Whitsundays—or if you know someone who is—then the brand new limited edition of 100 Magic Miles is essential. This 100 Magic Miles latest edition—the 11th—is the one we have on our shelves at Bosun’s Locker. It includes the most up-to-date information on the islands of any book on the market. The book outlines everything you know to plan a visit or a stay, including:

  • Mooring points
  • Marinas
  • Resorts
  • Hotels and motels
  • Diving and snorkelling attractions
  • National and state parks
  • Camping spots
  • Landmarks and attractions
  • Navigation marks
  • Walking trails (including the Ngaro Sea Trail, a brand-new trail developed by the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service)

Reading through the 100 Magic Miles latest edition will give you a full appreciation of the islands and their considerable beauty. More importantly, it will provide you with the essential details you need to plan a trip. And since the book is so easy to tuck into a bag and take aboard your sailboat, you can take it with you when you set out on your Whitsunday Islands adventure.

Find the 100 Magic Miles Book for Sale at Bosun’s Locker

Whether you are thinking about a trip to the Whitsundays with your family or want the perfect gift for your sailing obsessed friend or family member, Bosun’s Locker can help. We have the 100 Magic Miles book for sale now, both at our store (located at the Southport Yacht Club) and from our website. Click here to order the book today.

If you feel like it is difficult to get your power boat up on a plane, or that the performance of your vessel has been lagging as of late, then a Bennett trim tab kit might help. At Bosun’s Locker, we stock boat trim tabs to help our customers realise the full potential of their boats. This kind of solution isn’t for everyone, but it can certainly be helpful for some boats—especially on vessels where weight distribution tends to be uneven.

How Boat Trim Tabs Work

Boat hulls typically come in two varieties: displacement and planing. Displacement hulls work by pushing the water in front of them aside as they move through the water. They are literally ‘displacing’ water as they move. A sailboat is an example of a boat with a displacement hull.

Planing hulls are different. A boat with a planing boat is designed to glide on top of the water while moving at full speed. Because a boat with this type of hull doesn’t have to push aside water weight as it moves, it can travel much faster than a boat with a displacement hull. As such, most power boats or speedboats have planing hulls.

Of course, weight complicates the planing process. The more loaded a boat is, the more difficult it is to get the boat up on a plane. The same challenge exists when the boat has uneven weight distribution. The boat will list to one side or the other, depending on the distribution of the the passengers, gear, fuel and cargo. Usually, the boat can still get up on a plane when travelling at top speed. However, for speeds between trolling and full throttle, the boat may struggle more, leading to reduced performance, lower fuel efficiency and other problems.

When you use Bennett hydraulic trim tabs on your boat, they help correct some of these problems. The tabs are steel tabs that sit mounted on the stern of the boat. Because these tabs are hydraulic powered, the boat operator can move them up or down as he or she pilots the vessel. When used correctly, boat trim tabs can supply lift to the boat and help elevate the stern. In other words, they help the boat avoid resistance with the water, counteracting the weight (or weight distribution) onboard and assisting the vessel to get up on a plane faster.

In this fashion, Bennett trim tabs can improve speed, performance, fuel efficiency, and safety of your boat. They can also make boating more enjoyable, by giving you options other than trolling or roaring away at full speed. Of course, you will still need to be conscious of your vessel’s weight capacity, and should still strive to achieve an even weight distribution. However, Bennett hydraulic trim tabs will at least make it so that those things matter a little less.

Get a Bennett Trim Tab Kit at Bosun’s Locker

If you frequently carry heavy loads on your boat and need to get better performance levels, Bennett trim tabs are the way to go. At Bosun’s Locker, we carry Bennett trim tab kits so that you can install the tabs on your own vessel. Call us on (07) 55 911 911 to learn more.

At Bosun’s Locker, we are passionate about promoting the safe enjoyment of all things boat-related. Located at the Southport Yacht Club, we have been helping boaters from throughout the Gold Coast for more than 40 years. One entire segment of our store—both at our physical location and online—is devoted to safety. From life jackets to gas detectors and air horns to flares, we have everything you need to enjoy a safe sailing or power boating adventure. We also carry boat navigation lights, which many boaters forget about or don’t realise the importance of until they don’t have them in pressing situations.

Why You Need a Marine Navigation Light

Whether you are sailing or power boating, if you are planning on going out in low light conditions, a boat navigation light is essential. First off, this kind of precaution is a simple safety best practice. Navigation lights show other boats the location, size, and direction of your boat. In doing so, navigation lights can prevent collisions or close calls out on the water. Such safeguards are essential at night, but they are also necessary in the morning before the sun has risen entirely, at twilight, during fog or rain or amid any other low visibility condition. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so if you are in doubt about how visible your vessel is, you should have the navigation lights turned on.

Secondly, though, having boat navigation lights on your vessel is often a legal requirement. In Queensland, where Bosun’s Locker is based, boaters are required to display navigation lights always between sunset and sunrise. Powerboat and sailing navigation lights are also required by law ‘in restricted visibility.’ In addition to these requirements, Maritime Safety Queensland also provides guidelines on what types of lights (and how many lights) different types of vessels will need in different situations. For instance, a boat moored at anchor must show an all-around white light. Click here to read all the guidelines that boaters in Queensland must follow.

Merely installing marine navigation lights on your boat is not enough to stay safe in low light conditions. You should also check your lights before heading out to make sure they are operational, reduce your speed during times of decreased visibility and be more conscious of other boats out on the water. However, having a high-quality boat navigation light (or navigation lights, for larger boats) on your vessel will drastically decrease your chances of having a visibility problem at night. At Bosun’s Locker, we can provide the kind of reliable, compliant navigation light that you need to keep yourself, your vessel and all other boaters safe.

Make Sure You Are Compliant with Government Lighting Standards

Is your vessel visible at night, during storms or in the middle of fog patches? If you aren’t sure, come to Bosun’s Locker. We are familiar with government standards for boat light—particularly in Queensland—and can help you devise a compliant lighting solution for your vessel. To start a conversation about power boating and sailing navigation lights today, give us a call on (07) 55 911 911.

Are you searching for a new boat winch for your sailboat? If so, now might be the right time to think about upgrading to electric winches. At Bosun’s Locker, we offer several types and brands of electric boat winches for sale. We would be happy to help you find the right electric winch to modernise your beloved sailboat.

Why Choose an Electric Winch?

When the time comes to buy a new boat winch in Australia, you have the option of going the traditional route or jumping to electric. For some sailing traditionalists, there is no question here. They prefer the feel and hard work of using manual winches. There is nothing wrong with this philosophy, and Bosun’s Locker stocks plenty of manual sailing winches as well. If you need a new boat winch for your sailboat and would prefer to go the traditional route, just let us know, and we will help you find what you need.

However, if you are on the fence and are interested in perhaps making the switch to electric winches, Bosun’s Locker can help. Electric winches are especially popular for sailors with bigger boats, sailors who want the opportunity to sail shorthanded or sailors who merely want to do a little less work when they are out on the water. Electric winches make it much easier to trim the mainsail, sheet the jib and more. They are especially helpful for trimming the sail in rough conditions, which isn’t always easy to do (or even possible).

With manual winches, it is more challenging to sail safely and effectively with a small crew. If you only have one or two people onboard, the is always the fear that you won’t have enough hands onboard to handle the sail if the weather conditions turn. These concerns are especially pronounced for bigger boats or longer trips. Electric winches, though, take once-difficult manual tasks and automate them with the press of a button. In short, they make the sailing process much more relaxed and more leisurely. Often, they also bring safety and peace of mind. No wonder many sailors looking for boat winches in Australia are making the jump to electric winches.

Buy an Electric Boat Winch Online from Bosun’s Locker

If you are in the market for a new electric boat winch, count on Bosun’s Locker to provide what you need. Through us, you can buy a boat winch online, no matter where you are in Australia. We’ll deliver your winch to your door, with quick shipping nationwide and full customer security and assurance. We can also sell you a range of other sailing equipment, from rigging tackle to marine rope.

If you need help finding the perfect electric winch for your sailboat, don’t hesitate to reach out directly. Bosun’s Locker is at the Southport Yacht Club, so we get the chance to see the equipment we sell in action every day. We can guide you through the boat winches we have for sale and point you in the right direction. Ring us on (07) 55 911 911 to get in touch.

Buying a boat is a substantial investment. Over time, you can more than get your money’s worth by cruising around the coasts of Australia and enjoying the sunshine and lovely water temperature. However, you also need to make sure you take care of your boat when you aren’t using it. At Bosun’s Locker, we try to make that task easier, by offering a variety of boat covers for sale both at our store and on our website.

Some boat owners put off buying boat covers for weeks, months, or even years after acquiring their vessels. In fairness, a boat costs a lot of money, and adding extra accessories and equipment on top of that can be difficult for some owners to afford right away. With that said, if you are going to buy one accessory the day you purchase your boat, you should make it a boat cover. A boat cover can help your boat retain its value, protect it from the elements and more.

Three Reasons to Buy a Boat Cover Online from Bosun’s Locker

Still not convinced that you should be on the lookout for a boat cover for sale? Here are three excellent reasons to put a boat cover on your shopping list ASAP:

  • Your boat cover will protect your vessel from the sun

    Perhaps the biggest reason to get a boat cover in Australia is to protect your boat against the harsh, hot and sunny conditions here. Australian summers get hot, and if you are storing your boat outside, the constant UV exposure is going to do a number on your boat—the upholstery especially. The sun can cause the upholstery to crack, peel, and fade, making it less attractive and less comfortable. A boat cover will protect the boat upholstery (as well as the rest of the boat) from the sun, keeping it looking and feeling new for much longer.

  • Your boat will stay cleaner for longer

    Leaving your boat uncovered for even a night will usually leave you with a bit of cleaning to do before you can take it out on the water. Insects are especially a problem for uncovered, unprotected boats. A boat cover will keep everything sealed and clean. When you go to launch your boat, you will have fewer steps to go through to get it ready for an enjoyable trip.

  • Your boat will be less attractive to thieves

    Boat covers aren’t impregnable, but they can create a barrier to thieves that will make your boat a less attractive target. Most boats have valuable items onboard, from electronic devices to outboards to personal belongings. A wide-open boat beckons thieves to come aboard and see what they can find. The average thief, though, isn’t going to take the time to remove your boat cover—especially since doing so will add time to the process and increase their risk of being caught. As such, buying a boat cover in Australia can be a surprisingly strong security boost for your vessel.

Find the Right Cover for Your Boat Today

Don’t leave your boat vulnerable to the elements, unwanted pests and critters, thieves, or other threats. Instead, buy a boat cover online today from Bosun’s Locker. Give us a call on (07) 55 911 911. We’re happy to help you find the right cover for your boat.

Perhaps you have been a boating enthusiast for years and are due for a new spool of marine rope. Alternatively, maybe you are a new boater and aren’t sure what type of boat rope is right. Either way, if you need nautical rope in Gold Coast, Bosun’s Locker is the place to shop. Situated at the Southport Yacht Club, one of Gold Coast’s premier destinations for boats, we are well-positioned to provide the rope and other boating supplies you need for your vessel. (We also have an online store, if you would prefer to shop digitally and have something shipped directly to your home.)

Bosun’s Locker carries several different types of boat rope in Gold Coast, depending on your preference. These types include double braid rope, three strand rope and Spectra fibre rope. We stand by all three kinds of rope, as we stand by every product we sell. However, if you are interested in learning more about the differences in these varieties of nautical rope, you can continue reading below.

Double Braid vs. Three Strand vs. Spectra Fibre: Which Boat Rope Is Right for You?

Among boating enthusiasts, the double braid versus three strand rope debate has been going on for years. Both types of rope have their proponents. If you are shopping for marine rope in Gold Coast, knowing the common points made in these debates might help you zero in on the right rope for your vessel.

Both double braid and three strand boat ropes have a nylon construction. Nylon rope generally is the go-to for boaters, thanks to its superb performance for docking, mooring, and anchoring alike. However, because three strand nylon ropes and doubled braided nylon ropes are braided differently, they bring different properties to the table.

If strength is what you are looking for, then a doubled braided rope would likely be your first choice. However, three strand nylon tends to get the edge among many boaters because it is still extremely strong but offers more give than double braid. High quality three strand rope can stretch up to 25% beyond its length before breaking. As a result, it can hold up better under force than a double braided rope, even though the double braid is technically stronger. In most cases, though, you aren’t likely to contend with breaks of either rope, so long as you buy a rope made from high quality nylon.

Spectra ropes are the alternative and are becoming a more popular boat rope choice in Gold Coast as more boaters become aware of their properties. Spectra fibre is lightweight but incredibly durable. These ropes offer unbeatable strength to size ratio, which makes them easy to manoeuvre. They also don’t absorb water, which makes them particularly ideal for sailing and boating applications. Spectra usually costs a bit more than nylon, which can be a turn-off for some boaters. The strength, durability and versatility, though, are properties that make spectra rope an attractive option for most marine purposes.

Buy Your Preferred Marine Rope in Gold Coast

Whether it’s three strand nylon rope, double braid nylon rope or Spectra fibre rope, Bosun’s Locker can help you find the right nautical rope for your Gold Coast vessel. To learn more about the differences in these types of boat ropes, call (07) 55 911 911 today.

In the early days, Ronstan was an Australian born and bred company concerned mainly in the manufacture and distribution of dinghy hardware. Over the years, Ronstan was evolving into a brand beloved by sailing enthusiasts on a global scale. From world-class racing sailboats to Olympic sailing teams, countless sailors rely on Ronstan for the finest equipment in the game. If you are looking for a way to take your sailboat to the next level, consider investing in Ronstan sailing blocks from Bosun’s Locker.

Bosun’s Locker is at the Southport Yacht Club. This location puts us right amid one of the premier sailing clubs in all of Queensland. We spend every day conversing with sailors—both those who call our Gold Coast region home and those who are just making port for rest, supplies or both. We know which brands and equipment that sailing enthusiasts rely upon when they are out on the water, and few names come up more frequently than Ronstan.

A Variety of Ronstan Sailing Blocks for Your Vessel

If you are in the market for a new Ronstan sailing block, Bosun’s Locker is the perfect place to shop. We have a wide selection of sailing blocks from this respected brand, including single blocks, Ronstan double blocks, fiddle blocks and Ronstan triple blocks.

Bosun’s Locker also carries blocks with a variety of different heads, including loop heads, swivel heads, two-axis heads and universal heads.

Simply put, if you need to replace one of the blocks on your sailboat and are thinking of going for a Ronstan product, Bosun’s Locker can help you find the perfect block. Whether you are looking for an update on the block you currently have or a different style and design to suit other sailboat improvements you are doing, we can supply the appropriate part.

Sailing by Southport Yacht Club? Call Ahead to Reserve Your Ronstan Double Block or Triple Block

Perhaps you are out on a sailing trip, and one of your vessel’s blocks broke. You don’t want to let the problem derail your trip, but you also want to avoid making port and taking a few hours trying to find a store that has the right part.

If you will be sailing anywhere near Gold Coast and the Southport Yacht Club, just give us a call at Bosun’s Locker. In addition to being a go-to parts and supplies store for yacht club members, we are also an extremely helpful resource for boats coming through on their way to north or south destinations. We are an easy and accessible spot where you can get the parts you need and then be on your way.

If you need a Ronstan sailing block—be it a single block, a fiddle block, a Ronstan double block or a Ronstan triple block—just call ahead and reserve your part at Bosun’s Locker. We can set aside your product for pick up and abide by any special instructions you might have. Place your order today by calling (07) 55 911 911.