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Get Help Financing Your Sailing Equipment: Shop Online at Australia’s Bosun’s Locker, or Visit Our Physical Location in Main Beach, QLD

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Whether you are replacing some of the sailing equipment on your sailboat or outfitting a new vessel with the equipment it needs for its maiden voyage, the process will likely be somewhat expensive. Buying new winches, shackles, cam cleats and other rigging tackle can add up quickly—especially if you are buying the kind of high-quality sailing equipment that your boat deserves.

If you don’t feel you have the money to pay for the sailing equipment you need out of pocket, don’t worry. At Bosun’s Locker, we don’t want sailing enthusiasts to put off buying new equipment just because of money. Sailing with broken or worn-down equipment can be a hassle at best and a safety hazard at worst. For that reason, we work with our customers to help them finance pricier purchases and pay them off over time.

How Our zipMoney Process Works

One of the factors that set Bosun’s Locker apart from other businesses that sell sailing equipment in Australia is the availability of zipMoney. An interest-free loan platform supported at thousands of stores throughout Australia, zipMoney enables Bosun’s Locker to offer interest-free loans to approved customers. If you are purchasing an expensive piece of hardware and cannot handle the payment in one upfront lump sum, you can apply for a zipMoney loan.

With zipMoney, you get the chance to buy now and pay later. If you are shopping for sailing equipment online and don’t have the cash on hand to pay for your order, just apply for zipMoney. You will find out within minutes whether you have been approved. If you do get approved for a zipMoney loan, you could get up to three months of interest-free payments. You also get a flexible payment plan, so you can pay off your order with monthly payments that you can afford.

Perhaps you are expecting a windfall of cash in the next month or two, but need a new piece of sailing equipment right now. Maybe you just want to spread out a pricey equipment investment over the course of a few months. No matter your reasoning, if you are shopping for sailing equipment in Australia and need a little bit of help with the financial side of things, applying for a zipMoney loan at Bosun’s Locker is the perfect place to start.

Find the Financing and Sailing Equipment You Need Online

Whether you are searching for blocks, cam cleats, clutches, jammers, travellers, batten systems, furlers or any other rigging tackle, you can find the sailing equipment you need online at Bosun’s Locker. We have the best sailing hardware on the market—from top brands like Ronstan, Harken and Lewmar—and the financing to help you pay for it. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify for zipMoney, click here to apply. You should get a decision back in a matter of minutes to making planning your purchase that much easier. Call (07) 55 911 911 if you have any questions.

Boat equipment/safety: At Bosun’s Locker we carry a massive range of boating and safety gear including EPIRBS, flares and all types of adult and infant lifejackets (PFDs). Marine maintenance supplies from antifouls, epoxy resins, Fixtech and Sika sealing products, polishes and waxes, Swobbit and Shurhold cleaning brushes and poles and teak cleaners. We also have a broad range of pumps and other plumbing supplies, anchoring and docking products like fenders, rope, chain and boat hooks. We embrace all deck and cabin hardware products as well as all engine and steering supplies.

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